Muskoka Vacation House in Huntsville Ontario

Muskoka Vacation House in Huntsville Ontario

Muskoka Vacation House in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario, Muskoka

If you are looking for public beaches in Huntsville Ontario or nearby, then there are few options we’d recommend. Visiting Huntsville Ontario in the summer is not all about main street, the waterfront docks or Arrowhead Park. There are several very nice beaches nearby, perfect for both swimming and relaxing. 

Take note: beaches in Huntsville Ontario Muskoka or nearby are not to be compared to some of the more popular beaches in Ontario, such as Wasaga Beach, or Sauble Beach, or Grand Bend. Those are beach towns and true beach experiences.

However, if you’d like to enjoy beach time while in Huntsville Muskoka, then here are some options. 

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

We have provided a map of all the beaches we recommend. Our goal was to stay within a short 8-15 minute driving distance of downtown Huntsville. There are more option beyond that, but that is for another article.

The public beaches in Huntsville Ontario that we recommend are:

  1. Hutcheson Beach
  2. Avery Beach
  3. Arrowhead Park Beach
  4. Port Sydney Beach
  5. Dwight Beach
  6. Downtown Huntsville Waterfront Docks


Hutcheson Beach

9 Hutcheson Beach Road, Huntsville, Ontario

Located on Lake Vernon and just 10 minutes from Downtown Huntsville, Hutcheson Beach is probably one of the more popular beaches in Huntsville. It offers long sandy beach with shallow water, good for both relaxing and swimming, whether you are little or an adult.

Facilities: The beach typically has facilities such as washrooms, picnic tables, and sometimes barbecue pits. However, it’s a good idea to check with local authorities or online resources for any updates on facilities and amenities available.

The beach also features a wheelchair accessible ramp providing access into the water. Set back from the beach, there is a play structure with slides and climbing features and a separate swing set which includes both an accessible and baby swing. Picnic tables and Muskoka chairs are scattered throughout providing many spots to set up for the day. There is also a covered Pavilion with a concrete slab floor and several picnic tables which serves as a nice gathering area for a family picnic.

The terrain transitions from grass to sand as you approach the water and there are mature maple and pine trees throughout to provide shade on a hot day. This beach has a magnificent view of Lake Vernon and Centreview Island which is located straight ahead.

To note: no dogs are allowed on the beach.


Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Avery Beach

Address: 8 Yonge Street North, Huntsville, Ontario

Avery Beach is within walking distance to the downtown core. The Avery Beach shoreline is not a traditional beach front, it is fairly natural but there are several breaks with small sandy beaches for swimming and playing in the water. The water is shallow for about 15-20 ft but then drops off.

There is a beach volleyball court located just inland from the water’s edge and is surrounded by grass. There is usually a net set up throughout the summer season. The Rotary Pavilion is set just beyond the trail providing approximately 1000 sq/ft of covered space equipped with picnic tables and specifically one oversized picnic table big enough to seat at least a dozen people.

Centrally located in the middle of the Hunter’s Bay Trail, you can head in either direction for walk along side the water. If you go towards the left on the trail (facing the water), you will eventually reach the trail that extends into the water.

There is also a popular public boat launch nearby. Throughout the summer there are numerous Muskoka chairs in addition to the several wooden Rotary benches which are all positioned with a terrific view of the bay.

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Arrowhead Park Beaches

Address: 451 Arrowhead Park Rd, Huntsville, ON P1H 2J4

Arrowhead Provincial Park, located north of Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, is a natural haven within the Ontario Parks system. The park features three quiet, clean, sandy beaches with change facilities that back into birch groves.

Please note: there are no lifeguards posted at the beaches. These sandy shores are accessible via short to medium walks or quick drives from each of the four campgrounds or the visitors centre.

The main beach areas are quite large, with near-continuous beach on the north end of Little East River, and another large beach on the south side. Their website states 3 beaches but they list four. Lumby Beach on the north side, Beach 1 & Beach 2 connected on the south side, Beach 2 being quite large and a smaller beach east of beach 2 called Roe Beach. With a shallow walkout, no motorized boats allowed, and barely any weeds, the swimming is quite enjoyable.

In terms of facilities:

-There are three comfort stations (complete with showers and flush toilets) located centrally in each campground.

-Picnic areas can be found along the beaches.

-Flush Toilets: All comfort stations are equipped with flush toilets. All privies in Roe Campground and many in East River Campground have flush toilets.

-Park Store: The park store is open year round. Located in the visitor center you will find grocery and locally baked goods, local artisan and vendor offerings, camping equipment, Ontario Parks and Arrowhead gear, books, ice cream, etc.

-Pet Exercise Areas: The pet exercise area is located at the north end of Arrowhead Lake; it is the only designated area in the park where dogs can be walked without a leash. There is also a small area near the main beach (both sides of the bridge) where dogs can swim.

-Picnic Shelters: A group picnic shelter in the day use area accommodates 50 – 100 people and can be reserved for birthday parties, reunions, gatherings or any other special event. Reservations can be made online or by phone.

-Rentals: In the summer months: canoes, kayak and paddleboards can be rented from the Visitor Centre. There are also PFDs and helmets available to rent.

-Visitor Centre: During the Summer, the visitor centre houses the Park Store, and Summer rentals. There you will find camping supplies, food, and souvenirs. 

There are fees to visit the park. For more information, you can visit the official Arrowhead Provincial Park website.

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Port Sydney Beach

Address: 540 Muskoka Road 10, Huntsville, Ontario

Port Sydney Beach is a picturesque spot located in the charming community of Port Sydney, which is part of the Township of Huntsville. The Beach is positioned on the south end of Mary Lake. A gently sloping grassy hill descends into the sandy beach area. The swimming area is marked off by buoys and is shallow and protected by the L-shaped pier and docks extending out into the lake, making it ideal for families.

Those looking for deeper waters can enjoy the lower swimming dock attached to the end of the pier which is equipped with several ladders for exiting the water. There are lovely views of the lake and nearby Rocky Island and the parade of boats mooring in the bay.

There are several picnic tables and benches scattered throughout Port Sydney Beach. A wheelchair accessible swimming area complete with a hard surface extending into the water is accessed by means of a ramp descending from the accessible parking spots in the upper parking area. A stand-alone public washroom building is located in the parking lot. The entrance to the pier features a large pavilion with a picnic table-the premium picnic spot, however those get filled up quickly.

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Dwight Beach

Address: 1158 Dwight Beach Rd Dwight, Ontario

The sandy shores of Dwight Beach offer almost 500 feet of unsupervised shoreline on Lake of Bays. The centrally located dock is an iconic Lake of Bays landmark that features a pavilion with a picnic table underneath.

There are outdoor washroom facilities at the Old Municipal Site. You will find picnic tables dotted along the beach. On-street parking is available on Dwight Beach Road opposite the beach. This beach gets narrower as you head east but you also get more privacy! The narrow end of the beach has tall evergreens close by so you can get some relief from the sun in the shade.

The sandy shoreline extends from either side of the dock and is lined with towering white pines. The sand is soft and lovely for walking. The water extending from the beach is shallow and has a nice hard packed bottom of “rippled” sand.

The shoreline extending from the east side of the dock is landscaped with a stone retaining wall and stone steps that access the road. As you walk along the shore further east, you’ll find tall evergreen trees providing more shade.

To the right of the dock there is a fully paved boat launch on one side and two smaller floating docks on the other for docking your boat. Picnic tables and Muskoka chairs provide seating throughout.

The Dwight Beach Trail is a great way to get some exercise, running parallel to the shoreline for 4 km. Starting from the township office or the Dwight Public Library, you can walk all the way to Stewart Memorial Church, a historical landmark before turning back.

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario
Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Beaches in Huntsville Ontario

Honorable Mention

Huntsville Docks


Address: 92 Main Street , Huntsville

Although not a beach, we thought it made sense to mention the Huntsville Town docks right in the heart of town off main street and River Mill Park.

The docks are the town’s meeting place in the summer. Filled with entertainment, amusement, music and festivals. Those with boats can park right at the dock and have a drink or food at the restaurants facing the water.

Off to the side, folks hang out by the docks, the adjacent park and jump in the water to cool off.

Although not a beach it is right in downtown Huntsville and offers plenty of people watching and a great time in the summer. You can even rent kayaks, paddleboards, and hop on a river cruise.

Once you had enough of the docks, you can head up to main street and enjoy some shopping, treats, food, ice cream, etc.

Worth mentioning and checking out.

Where to stay in Huntsville

There are a variety of places to choose from in and around Huntsville over the summer and beach months. You can choose to stay at a resort, hotels, motels, vacation rentals, etc. It really depends on your preference and of course budget. There are advantages and disadvantages to all choices.

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